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Relic Forging Competition will Start on August 16th

Date: 2018-08-15 02:45 Source: Official Views:

Note: There may still be changes before the event is released, please refer to the final version. Since we still need to test after the event is updated in game, the event page will be released a little bit late on August 16th, please keep your patience.

Click View the Relic Forging Ranking at Taoist Guang to go to the event page, it is an event page inside the game.

Attention, heroes!

The Relic Forging Competition will be from August 16th to September 4th. You can forge powerful Relics and use your best Rlic to take part in the competition. Check out the details below.

The Point of a Relic will not change after it is forged, so please think twice before you bind the Relic, choose your best Relic to join the event.

Duration: August 16th to September 4th
Requirement: 2nd Reborn Level 120
Taoist Guang in Twin City (378,436)
Nezha in Twin City (382,436)

During the event, Taoist Guang can help you forge powerful Relics with Relic Crystals. There are 2 types of forge, Common Forge (100 Relic Crystals) and Senior Forge (777 Relic Crystals), check out the details below.



Relic Crystals Needed

Number of Attributes

Number of Rare Attributes

Common Forge


3 or more


Senior Forge


4 or more

Higher chance to get rare attributes

You can collect Relic Crystals by hunting monsters in Deityland or disassembling Relics at Nezha. Or you can pay CPs to forge directly, 50 CPs for Common Forge and 388 CPs for Senior Forge.
When disassembling Relics at Nezha, he will give 6 Relic Crystals for each Gold or Orange attribute, and 3 Relic Crystals each for lower quality attribute.

Click View the Relic Forging Ranking to go to the event page. You need to equip your best Relic and login on this event page to bind the Relic. The system will grade the Relic, the more and the better attributes it has, the higher the point is. When the point of Relic reaches the required amount, you can claim the corresponding reward. Note: If you have claimed a reward, you will not be able to claim it again after you change Relic. Check out the rewards below.

Note: Since the rewards are sent by mail system in game, you need to relogin game to claim the rewards after clicking the boxes.




500 Chi Points and Meteor Scroll (B) * 3


Bright Star Stone * 2 and Daily Quest Token (B) * 2


1000 Chi Points and Weapon Accessory Fragment * 1


Bright Star Stone * 3 and Realm Quest Token (B) * 2


1500Chi Points and Super Protection Pill (B) * 10


Bright Star Stone * 5 and Super Protection Pill (B) * 20


2000 Chi Points, Radiant Star Stone * 1 and Senior Training Pill (B) * 10


2500 Chi Points, Radiant Star Stone * 2 and Senior Training Pill (B) * 20


3000 Chi Points, Radiant Star Stone * 3 and Senior Training Pill (B) * 30

If you are not satisfied with your current Relic, you can change it. But you will have only 1 chance to change the bound Relic during the event, and when the old Relic is unbound, it will be erased from the Rank. One Relic can only be bound by one hero, when it is unbound, it cannot be bound by any heroes anymore.
When you change a Relic, you must equip the new Relic and relogin game so that the new Relic can be recognized. Talk to Taoist Guang and click View the Relic Forging Ranking to open the page in game, then click Bind My Relic to change the Relic.

There are also rank rewards for each type of Relic, heroes will be ranked by Relic Point, the Top 10 heroes across all servers will be rewarded, the rewards will be sent out by mail system within 5 work days after the event ends. Check out the details below.


Rank (Across All Servers)



30-Day Title of Corresponding Relic
Universal Rune Essence (B) * 1000
50000 Chi Points (B) 
Free Training Pill (B) * 60


Universal Rune Essence (B) * 800
40000 Chi Points (B) 
Free Training Pill (B) * 50


Universal Rune Essence (B) * 600 
30000 Chi Points (B) 
Free Training Pill (B) * 40

4 - 6

Universal Rune Essence (B) * 500
20000 Chi Points (B) 
Free Training Pill (B) * 30

7 - 10

Universal Rune Essence (B) * 300
10000 Chi Points (B) 
Free Training Pill (B) * 20



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  • Pirate Impact Practice
  • Treasure Hunt
  • New Server Mythforging
  • Wall of World Prestige
  • Soaring Archers
  • Reset First-Credit Gift
  • Ethereal: New Epic Arma
  • Supreme VIP Center
  • Super Conquer Mall
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