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New Server LasVegas will Open on August 7th

Date: 2018-08-06 02:58 Source: Official Views:

Note: Since we still need to test after new server is opened, some new server offline event pages will be released a little bit late on August 7th, please keep your patience.

Attention, heroes!

A brand new type of server LasVegas will open on August 7th, it is an US Server and it has unique new features.

Buying CPs at 50% Discount
First, we would like to explain Buying CPs at 50% discount in LasVegas. The TQ card credit process in LasVegas is the same as other servers, but for every Card you credit in LasVegas, you will get the same amount of CPs as rebate on an offline event page, that makes it 50% discount.

For example, if you credit a 4.99 USD Card (320 CPs) in new server LasVegas, you can login this page and claim extra 320 CPs. Choose the corresponding Card and click CLAIM to get the CPs, then you can claim the CPs in mail system in game. The event page will be released on August 7th.

Then let's check the other features, besides optimized quests, abundant extra rewards, Rainbow Fashion Deals and Bound Item Carnival for players starting all over, the new server LasVegas provides an ideal environment for players to earn CPs and even sell the CPs earned for cash!

More Ways to Win CPs
We add 10000 CPs Demon Box (Tai Chi Demon Box), 19th Floor of Fiend Lair and 1000 CPs One-armed Bandit in the new server. And the Demon Boxes will be on sale permanently. Players will have a chance to win $55,900 by playing 1000 CPs One-armed Bandit! And Wheel of Fortune, Lottery, One-armed Bandit, Demon Box and Roulette will be put together in a new map. Players can enjoy all the ways to win CPs there!

Note: 10000 CPs Demon Box will be updated later.

Selling CPs for Cash
What's more, selling CPs for cash will be available in the new server! After winning CPs in the new server, you can submit CPs to the related NPC and sell those CPs in an offline event page, filling in the correct information and the money will be transferred to you in 3 work days.


Reward Adjustments
Note: To match the new server features, we make some adjustments on P7 Dragon Souls, Rebirth Dragon Ball reward and CP reward in PK Tournaments. The P7 Dragon Souls you can get in the new server will be bound. The Dragon Ball reward players can get after completing rebirth quest will be bound. And the CPs players can win in all the PK Tournaments will be bound, but the amount of bound CPs will be 3 times of unbound CPs. And players in LasVegas can not play Capture the Flag.

Are you looking forward to the new experience in LasVegas? More details will be released soon, please stay tuned.

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