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Golden Finger Event on 07/12-07/18

Date: 2018-07-09 23:45 Source: Official Views:

July 12th - July 18th

Mr. Gold (Twin City 355,469)

Mr. Gold is selling these magical stones at the price of 1 Sliver each.

All Miracle Stones expire on July 18th.

Miracle Stones:
There are four kinds of Miracle Stones which contain power magic: Elite Rare Stones, Rare Miracle Stones, Super Miracle Stones and Perfect Miracle Stones.

Inspiration Gems:
Heroes can obtain the Inspiration Gems from Rare Miracle Stones, Super Miracle Stones and Perfect Miracle Stones.

Activate Miracle Stones:
You can activate the Miracle Stones with sliver or Inspiration Gems.



Miracle Stone
1KK silver / Elite Inspiration Gem 10KK silver / 8KK silver / 5KK silver / 2.5KK silver / 2KK silver / 1.5KK silver / 0.5KK silver / 0.2KK silver
Miracle Stone
5KK silver / Rare Inspiration Gem 250KK silver / 50Kk silver / 25KK silver / 12.5KK silver / 10KK silver / 7.5KK silver / 2.5KK silver / Elite Inspiration Gem
Super Miracle Stone 10KK silver / Super Inspiration Gem 500KK silver / 100KK silver / 50KK silver / 25KK silver / 20KK silver / 15KK silver / Rare Inspiration Gem / Elite Inspiration Gem*2
Miracle Stone
20KK silver 1000KK silver / 200KK silver / 100KK silver / 50KK silver / 40KK silver / 30KK silver / Super Inspiration Gem / Rare Inspiration Gem


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