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New Server LandOfWar Events Preview

Date: 2018-05-13 21:43 Source: Official Views:

Note: More detailed information will be released soon. And there may still be changes before the events are released, please refer to the final version.

The new US server LandOfWar will open on May 15th, and here is a preview of the exclusive events in this server, let's check it out.


May 8th to May 29th
May 8th to June 18th
May 15th to June 13th
Ultimate Champion
It is an offline event, you can get Ultimate Champion Points in game in many ways and use the points to win rewards in offline event page. The event page will be released soon, please check out how to get points here.
May 15th to May 30th
May 15th to May 30th
May 15th to June 1st
New Server Carnival
There will be extra rewards for JiangHu, Chi, Perfection, etc. More details will be released soon.
Long Term
Optimized Novice Quests
 The optimized Novice Quests will help novice level up to level 100 easier and faster in the new server.
May 15th to May 21st
May 15th to May 29th
Rainbow Fashion Deals
Long Term
All the previleges only for players in new server. What are you waiting for? Get prepared for a new adventure in LandOfWar.
  • Blast of Love
  • Treasure Shopping Mall
  • Love Gifts Pack
  • Blood Mine
  • Online Time Benefits
  • Ultimate Trial
  • CO New Versions Preview
  • 21st Super Guild War
  • Nostalgia CP Market
  • New Server Nostalgia
  • Nostalgia Credit Rebate
  • Card & Board Game MINI ARENA
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