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Pirates Privilege Month on 04/12-05/11

Date: 2018-04-11 21:34 Source: Official Views:


To celebrate the release of Surging Pirate Expansion, all Pirates can enjoy the privileges as below:

Privilege in PK Events
1. Extra Reward for Pirates in the Class PK War
Apart from the original prizes, the champion of the Pirate Class PK War on every Monday will also be rewarded with 5% of EXP, an Intelligent Study Pack (5,000 Study Points) and a Valiant Chi Pack (3,000 Chi Points).

2. Extra Reward for Skill Team PK Tournament and Team PK Tournament
Apart from the original prizes, the Pirate who leads his/her team to winning the championship of the Team PK Tournament or Skill Team PK Tournament will receive 5 Pirate`s Treasure Chests, Dragon Ball Pack (5 Dragon Balls), and 5 7-day -1% blessed Weapon Accessory Packs! Each champion of each level group will receive rewards.

Each Pirate`s Treasure Chest contains 5 Vital Pills (B), 2 Radiant Star Stones and 200 Yellow Rune Essences (B).

Note: The extra reward pack will be put in inventory automatically.

Special Pack for Pirate
During the event time, once a Pirate login to game, he will receive a RisingPiratePack in the inventory, so make some rooms in your bag if it is full. The pack can be opened once a day to get nice gifts such as 1 Endeavor Scroll (B) and 2-hour Double EXP, up to 30 times.

Rebirth Status


Below 2nd Rebirth Pirate


2 Hours of Double EXP

1 Hour of EXP Protection

2nd Rebirth Pirate or Above


2 Hours of Double EXP

1 Hour of EXP Protection

500 Chi Points

Exclusive Quest for Pirates

Level 80+ Pirates

Henry Turner (Twin City 314,452)

From 04/12-05/11, once Pirate use 7 Chi Tokens, he will get a Pirate Spirit Token, Give it to Henry Turner to enter the Poseidon Treasury, up to 5 times a day.

Keep in mind that you can only stay in the Treasury for 10 seconds! The rewards scatter on the ground, what you need to do is picking up as many as you can, make sure you have enough rooms in your bag before you enter the treasury! There are so many rewards, pay attentions and pick better rewards up first!

The rewards may be stones, refined gems, cps, exps, Training Talent, Training pack etc.

  • Poker Collecting Event will Start on May 23rd
  • Stone Lottery
  • Break Magic Pots
  • Dragon Knight
  • Anniversary Grand Sale
  • Chi Carnival will come!
  • CO Film Festival on 05/09-05/29
  • Mystery of Inspiration Stage 1 will Start on May 9th
  • Cross-Server Elite PK Tournament
  • Anima Exchange Shop
  • Blood Mine
  • Gold Shopping Mall Since April 2nd
  • CP Market
  • New Hourly Quest
  • New Version & Event Guild
  • Gold Pack Sales
  • Anima_EU Credit Rebate
  • New Server Anima_EU
  • SVIP Privilege
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