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Pirate Epic Weapons and Skills Reveal

Date: 2018-03-26 23:38 Source: Official Views:

Dear heroes,

You may have seen the Epic Weapons and Epic Skills of Pirate on FB, here is a gathering of the infromation revealed, let's check it out.

Epic Weapons:

There will be two types of Epic Weapons for Pirate, upgraded from Pistol and Rapier respectively. The appearance of the weapons differ according to BP.

Epic Skills:
Sea Burial: Active skill exclusive for Pirates equipped with 2 Epic Weapons. This skill includes two phases, once it's used, the first phase damage will be dealt. Then a shadow of Pirate will appear to charge for the second phase damage, during which period, Pirate can move freely and use skills.
Bloom of Death: Passive skill exclusive for Pirate equipped with Epic Weapon in both hands. Creates a phantom after activating Windstorm to attack forcefully against enemies nearby, dealing certain amount of normal damage on the target.
Immortal Force: Active skill exclusive for Pirates equipped with 2 Epic Weapons. After using this skill, Pirate will be immune to other player's skill for several seconds.
Note: There may be changes before the final version. And more information will be released soon, please stay tuned.
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