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New Version---Runes Will Appear on February 6th

Date: 2018-01-31 19:00 Source: Official Views:

New Version---Runes Will Appear on February  6th .This article will give a brief introduction about all the runes.

Class:Archer or Assassin
Red Rune:Frost Arrows
Description:Have a chance to decrease the SP recovery speed of all targets within the range to 0 for 8 seconds. The bigger the battle power gap, the lower the success rate. Cooldown: 20 seconds.
Blue Rune:Infinity
Description:Use to enter the infinit power mode for 30 seconds. Enter the flying status to accelerate attack speed and increase damage of skill to 125% and damage of normal attack to 125%. Cooldown: 60 seconds.
Red Rune:Tide Trap
Description:After hitting a target, generate a tide trap to re-inflict damage to the target within the range.
Blue Rune:Slayer
Description:Kill one hero to enter the Slayer mode. Increase damage of normal attack to 250%, and damage of skill attack to 110% for 15 seconds. Cooldown: 50 seconds.
Class:Fire Taoist
Red Rune:Burning Sky
Description:Inflict extra 20000 points of Magic Damage to targets immune to Physical Damage, and targets in the air.
Blue Rune:Fire Curse
Description:When casting Fire of Hell, every one more hit target will increase 3000 points of damage, up to 7000 points. When casting Flame Lotus, every one more hit target will increase 10000 points of damage.
Class:Dragon Warrior
Red Rune:Swinging Tail
Description:When using Dragon Swing, increase the dodge rate to Pirate`s Eagle Eye and Blackbeard`s Rage and Archer`s and Oriental Assassin`s normal attack by 30%.
Blue Rune:Counter Punch
Description:When getting attacked within the range of 1 pace, have a 100% chance to counterattack with Counter Punch and inflict 300% damage of normal attack to monsters and 75% damage of normal attack to heroes.
Red Rune:Assassin
Description:Inflict extra 30000 points of Physical Damage when attacking targets in the auto-hunting or sitting status.
Blue Rune:Absolution
Description:Exempt from death once, fully restore HP and get invisible for 15 seconds, only can be seen by Water Taoist. Get visible if attacking or taking potions. Cooldown: 45 seconds.
Class:Water Taoist
Red Rune:Sacrifice
Description:Consume up to 40% HP upper limit to turn into extra Final Physical Damage by the proportion of 1:1.3. The upper limit can be set on the interface. Use it again to cancel. It can`t be used when equipping Archer or Throwing Knife.
Blue Rune:Fine Rain
Description:Fully restore the HP of you and your teammates on the same screen instantly, and increase extra HP upper limit by 120000 points, which will decrease gradually. The status will last for 20 seconds. Cooldown: 60 seconds.
Red Rune:Revenge Gale
Description:There is no limit to number of times when using Revenge Tail.
Blue Rune:Wild Wind
Description:Inflict 600% damage of normal attack to monsters and 120% damage of normal attack to heroes. Require Fans in both hands. Cooldown: 15 seconds.
Red Rune:Acalanatha
Description:Have a chance to be immune to control effect.
Blue Rune:Iron Shield
Description:Use to get a shield that can absorb 350000 points of damage for 15 seconds. Cooldown: 50 seconds.
Red Rune:Comprehension
Description:Select a passive skill from Phoenix, Rage and Penetration as the passive skill of the current weapon.
Blue Rune:Rampage
Description:When SP is lower than 10, HP will be fully recovered immediately, HP upper limit will be increased to 100% and SP will be recovered faster for 20 seconds. Cooldown: 60 seconds.
Red Rune:Pitching
Description:After hitting a target, have a chance to terminate the target`s XP status. The bigger the battle power gap, the lower the chance. Cooldown: 300 seconds.
Blue Rune:All-round
Description:When equipping shield, increase Physical Attack by 3000, Physical Defense by 8000 and Magic Defense by 5000.
Universal - Yellow Runes:
Name:XP Killer
Description:Decrease a target`s XP duration by 9 seconds.
Name:XP Booster
Description:In XP status, when hitting a target, extend the duration of XP status for 1 second, up to 9 seconds.
Description:Increase the item dropping rate of other heroes by 45%.
Description:Have a 50% chance to be immune to negative effect.
Name:Boss Killer
Description:Increase the damage to boss by 300%.
Name:MP Master
Description:Decrease MP consumption of using skill by 90%.
Name:No Mercy
Description:When the Physical Damage to a target is lower than 22000 points, up to 10000 points of Physical Damage will be added
Name:Blood Spawn Booster
Description:Increase Blood Spawn by 9 levels.
Name:Free Soul Booster
Description:Increase Free Soul by 9 levels
Name:Draining Touch Booster
Description:Increase Draining Touch by 9 levels
Description:Recover 20000 points of HP and MP every 5 seconds. It can`t coexist with the Healing Snow skill of the Windwalker
Name:Tortoise Breaker
Description:Make the Tortoise Gem of a target can only decrease up to 160000 points of damage.
Description:When the Magic Damage inflicted to a hero is lower than 15000 points, up to 6000 points of extra Magic Damage will be added, but the Final Magic Damage will not be more than 15000 points.
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