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Runes Related Report--Water Taoist

Date: 2018-01-21 11:27 Source: Official Views:

In the last issue we updated Runes of Trojan and we have received feedback from heroes. We appreciate your support. Today we are going to learn about Runes of Water Taoist!


Red Runes Skill:Sacrifice

Deduct a portion (up to 40%) of Water Taoist’s max HP and convert the deducted HP to extra final physical damage at certain ratio of 1:1.3.
Use it again to cancel the effects, restoring the original max HP and removing corresponding extra final physical damage. 
Blue Runes Skill:Purity
Summon a “Pure Mirror” to increase the max HP of the caster and his/her teammates on the same screen, and fully restore their HP.
In the duration, the max HP declines per second. (When the max HP gets lower and lower, the HP is calculated according to the HP percentage).
Note: above content is beta version. Please check for details in the update.
Thanks a lot for viewing. Go to our website to check more exciting and amazing news. We will present spoiler of Runes of Fire Taoist. Stay tuned!
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