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Runes Related Report--Trojan

Date: 2018-01-20 00:07 Source: Official Views:

In the last issue we updated Runes of Warrior and we have received feedback from heroes. We appreciate your support. Today we are going to learn about Runes of Trojan!


Red Runes Skill:Weapon Master

1. Allow Trojan to choose one passive weapon skill from “Phoenix”, “Rage” and “Mortal Strike” and the chosen one will be triggered under certain circumstance (according to the trigger chance at certain skill level) automatically regardless of the type of weapon that the Trojan is currently equipped.
  For example, if “Phoenix”, a passive skill for sword, is chosen, it’ll be triggered even though it is not a sword that the Trojan is holding.
2. Notes:
           Only the passive weapon skills that you’ve learned can be chosen.
  The server will remember your choice and won’t reset it when you log in again. Choose from the options below:
  Cancel: Disable this rune and the passive weapon skill to be triggered is subject to the type of your equipped weapon.
  Phoenix: Only “Phoenix” will be triggered. The chance depends upon its skill level.
  Rage: Only “Rage” will be triggered. The chance depends upon its skill level. 
           Mortal Strike: Only “Mortal Strike” will be triggered. The chance depends upon its skill level.



Blue Runes Skill:Rampage

1. When Trojan’s stamina is less than a certain amount, increase his/her max HP and fully restore the HP, enabling the“Rampage” status for a certain period of time.
  Gain faster Stamina recovery and max HP bonus during the period.
  The Stamina recovery speed and the max HP will get back to normal when the “Rampage” status ends. (The HP is calculated according to the percentage.)
2. This rune will be on cooldown once triggered.
3. Notes:
  The “Rampage” effect will be removed upon death.
  Switching screen will not cancel the status.
  The max HP bonus gained from “Rampage” is calculated according to the Trojan’s basic max HP.
  Basic max HP is the Trojan’s original max HP, or the constant HP that is maintained in specific activities, such as the new combat map.
           The temporary max HP bonus that Trojan gains from other ways, such as a share from Water Taoist, will not affect the max HP bonus offered by “Rampage”.
Note: above content is beta version. Please check for details in the update.
Thanks a lot for viewing. Go to our website to check more exciting and amazing news. We will present spoiler of Runes of Water Taoist. Stay tuned!


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