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Runes Related Report--Dragon Warrior

Date: 2018-01-16 23:10 Source: Official Views:
Recent Runes will come out and some information has been spoiled in our official Facebook. We understand that you must be curious to find out more. So a series of Runes report will be released. Today it is time to learn about Runes skills in Dragon Warrior!
Red Runes Skill:Swing Tail 
1. Increase Dragon Warrior’s chance to dodge Pirate’s bomb skills, Archer’s and Assassin’s normal attacks when using Dragon Swing.
2. Specifically, the dodge chance is increased against:
   Pirate’s Eagle Eye and Blackbeard`s Rage
   Normal attacks of Archer and Oriental Assassin
The Dodge bonus is directly added to that of Dragon Swing. For example, Dragon Swing gives 20% Dodge, and Swing Tail gives extra 10% Dodge, then the total chance of Dodge is 30%.
Blue Runes Skill:Counter Punch
1. Trigger a counterattack when Dragon Warrior is hit in a melee. (Unavailable if hit by a ranged attack)
   The counterattack deals single-target damage.
2. The counterattack is presented similar to “Dragon Punch”, but only deals damage equal to 75% of the Dragon Warrior’s Attack.
        3.Counter Punch adds no PK point.
Note: above content is beta version. Please check for details in the update.
Thanks a lot for viewing. Go to our website to check more exciting and amazing news. We will present spoiler of Runes of Monk. Stay tuned!
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