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War of Crown

Date: 2017-10-26 19:31 Source: Official Views:
In the world of CO, we see the flames of war raging with ceaseless conflicts among the heroes, clans, guilds, unions, and up to the kingdoms. Since there is faith, the conflicts become nothing but an attempt to find the best possible leader who can crown the Great Emperor of CO!
There will be a completely new map for War of Crown where thousands of heroes from different Unions of all servers will fight for their own leader, along with new divine beasts, new chariots, and new fortress upgrading quests.
Who will emerge as the Great Emperor in the War of Crown?  
In the first War of Crown, the only goal of all Unions involved is to earn contribution points by defeating other Unions and killing the divine beast that guards the imperial palace. The leader of the Union that earns the most contribution points in the war will claim to be the first real Great Emperor of all servers!
After the first Great Emperor is crowned, each War of Crown involves three factions -- the Defensive, the Offensive, and the Neutral. The last Great Emperor’s Union is automatically the Defensive faction, while other Unions can choose to join the Offensive, Defensive, or Neutral faction. Each faction has its own missions in the war:
1. The Offensive faction has powerful chariots. The Offensive faction wins the war if killing the divine beast of the Defensive faction before the war ends, and the leader of the Offensive Union that earns the most contribution points will crown the new Great Emperor!
2. The Defensive faction has gate, BOSS, NPC guardians and other supports. The Defensive faction wins the war if successfully preventing their divine beast from being killed by the Offensive faction before the war ends, and the leader of the Defensive Union that earns the most contribution points will crown the new Great Emperor!
3. The Neutral faction has no interest in the victory or the crown, but wants to earn as many points as possible by killing heroes from the Offensive and Defensive factions, and exchange the points for wonderful rewards.
The Great Emperor’s privileges include a unique title, garment, mysterious mount armor, and an exclusive noble accessory, the Imperial Seal, that brings improvements to HP, P-Attack, M-Attack, P-Defense, M-Defense, revival time, soul shackle time, and Stamina recovery speed.
Stay tuned for more information!
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