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New Cross-Server Poker Tournament Is Coming !

Date: 2017-08-03 18:28 Source: Official Views:

Arabic News link :

New Cross-Server Poker Tournament is coming!

All entry fee will go into the prize pool.
Silver? Cash? Cps?
Which prize do you want?
Make your choice!

Co Cash Tournament will be held at 11:00 (US Server Time) /19:00(EU Server Time)/ 21:00(Egyptian Time)on August 11th. 
You can choose USD, EGP, or CPs as reward!
More participants, more rewards!
Champion: 7000L.E. + Bonus & Title "Poker King"
Second Place: 2000L.E. + Bonus & Title "Poker Lord"
Third Place: 1000L.E. + Bonus & Title "Poker Master"
4th to 6th Place: 100KK Silver + Bonus & Title "Poker Star"
7 th to 8 th Place: 50KK Silver + Bonus & Title "Poker Star"
9th to 10th Place: 25KK Silver + Bonus & Title "Poker Star"
If you get cash reward, we will contact you in game within 3 working days.

Co Flexible Tournament will be held  at 11:00 (US Server Time) /19:00(EU Server Time)/21:00(Egyptian Time) on August 10th.  

More Participants, More Rewards!       
Champion: 70%*Prize Pool Silver & Title "Poker King"
Second Place: 15%* Prize Pool Silver & Title "Poker Lord"
Third Place: 6%*Prize Pool Silver & Title "Poker Master"
4th to 6th Place: 2% *Prize Pool Silver & Title " Poker Star"
7 th to 8 th Place: 1%*Prize Pool Silver & Title " Poker Star"
9th to 10th Place: 0.5%*Prize Pool Silver & Title " Poker Star"
What are you waiting for?!

Click here to know more about it :

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