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Second View on the Coming Perfection System!

Date: 2016-04-13 02:53 Source: Official Views:

You may have had a rough idea about the coming Perfection System from the last introduction. This time, we will reveal more details of Perfection System, just for you!

First, equipment, which is tempered once, will be marked with “Owned by ***”. Tempered equipment can be traded for other players’ use, but only the owner, who firstly tempers the equipment, can continue tempering that equipment.

Second, equipment can be tempered by consuming +Stones and other materials. Point calculation in Perfection System will be similar to it in Composition System.

Third, attributes from Perfection System depend on perfection level of the equipment. Heroes can increase their weapons' perfection level through tempering.

Storm +P-Attack, M-Attack
Resistance +P-Defense, M-Defense
P-Strike +P-Strike
M-Strike +M-Strike
Revival +Chance of Instant Revive
Comfort -Final~P-Damage, Final~M-Damage
Immunity -Target’s Critical Strike Rate
Unshackle +Chance of not being affected by Soul Shackle
Cooling +Chance of resetting Cool-down of skills when attacking

Stay tuned for more information of the coming Perfection System in near future!

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