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Taoists Ascending: New Skills Preview

Date: 2015-04-11 17:41 Source: Official Views:

As the Quality Assurance team continues their hard work in making the Taoists Ascending expansion marvelously good, the CO team is happy to offer you the first look of what the new skills of the Taoists may look like.

Note: The new skills displayed in the images are not the finalized artwork.

Introduced are the 3 new Taoists skills, and they're Flame Lotus, Aurora Lotus, and Nature Touch. Today, we're going to show you the first look of the Flame Lotus, Aurora Lotus and Nature Touch. Behold the wonderfulness!

Flame Lotus

Aurora Lotus

Nature Touch

Amazingly attractive, aren't they?

The skill descriptions for both skills have long been posted as the release of the sketches of the skills back in March, the CO team will keep track of the progress of this new expansion and bring all of you the up-to-date information here on the website.

You can join the discussion on Facebook, to talk your thoughts about the new skills!

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