Taoist New Skills - Flame Lotus, Aurora Lotus and Nature Touch

Date: 2015-03-26 00:14 Source: Official Views:

Since the release of the artwork of the possible new Epic Weapons last week, the discussion went wild. A majority of players choose the purple one, while still a certain group of players is fond of the Hossu (It's not officially named, yet). But, the question still remains with what skills will come with these Epic Weapons. Now, let's take a closer look here.

Flame Lotus

(Click to Enlarge)

Aurora Lotus

(Click to Enlarge)

Nature Touch

(Click to Enlarge)

Would you switch to the Taoists had these skills been released in the next expansion, Taoist Ascending? Which of the 3 skills above intrigues you the most? Join us in the discussion on Facebook, NOW!

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