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CP Reward Delivery for Skill Team PK & Team PK on Eve of War_EU

Date: 2015-03-26 01:49 Source: Official Views:

The CO team would like to inform all the players of the Eve of War_EU server that the CP reward will be brought back for the PK events. Therefore, all heroes who win related PK events will be able to take home a certain amount of CPs!

Today, the CO team will announce the winners for last Skill Team PK and Team PK, and has already arranged for the delivery of the CP rewards.

Note: The delivery will be made within 3 - 5 business days.

Skill Team PK Rank Name Reward
1 aL~3taR 5,000 CPs
2 EL~3aLamY 1,000 CPs
3 Gimli 500 CPs
4 Mardo3000 250 CPs
5 VinDieSeL 250 CPs
6 ScAr 250 CPs
7 Sunshine 250 CPs
8 Samurai~Last 250 CPs
Team PK Rank Name Reward
1 aL~3taR 10,000 CPs
2 Gimli 2,000 CPs
3 EL~3aLamY 1,000 CPs
4 |Twilight| 500 CPs
5 Tenkase 500 CPs
6 SupZero 500 CPs
7 LeaYaH 500 CPs
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