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New Authorized Distributor Available - Flosna - Dec. 17th!

Date: 2014-12-16 23:53 Source: Official Views:

Happy Holidays!

We're glad to announce that a new authorized distributor, Flosna for Electronic Payment Inc Ltd, will be joining the team to provide services for players to purchase TQ Points! Flosna is an online payment gateway that operates in Palestine, and provides payment solutions in the Middle East and Mena region.

Starting Dec. 17th, all CO players can purchase Conquer Points through Flosna. The Flosna account is an electronic wallet that allows you to buy different types of products and services easily and securely.

How to buy TQ Points for Conquer Online using Flosna:

  1. Sign up for a new Flosna account.
  2. Buy Flosna prepaid cards from distributors near you.
  3. Charge your account balance.
  4. Enter the Conquer Online Flosna page and start shopping for TQ Point Cards.
  5. Go to this link to begin crediting.
  6. Press on "Select game" and choose the game you want to credit for.
  7. Select your group.
  8. Select your server.
  9. Press "TQ Point Card ID" and enter the card numer you have.
  10. Press on "TQ Point Password" and enter your card password.
  11. Enter your "Game Account ID".
  12. Press on "Next" and then activate your card.
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