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New Expansion: King of Kung Fu & New Servers Arrive, Oct. 30th!

Date: 2014-10-22 20:34 Source: Official Views:

Dubbed as the King of Kung Fu, the Dragon Warrior is finally making his way into the world of Conquer!

The expansion with the highest standard of production in CO history, King of Kung Fu, will bring the Kung Fu grandmaster, Dragon Warrior, to life! The closed beta will begin on Oct. 30th, giving all of you the chance to play as Dragon Warrior and try his spectacular skills (You can check out all Dragon Warrior skills, here). Also, we've prepared two new servers for you on Oct. 30th! The King of Kung Fu and Dragon War_EU servers are all set, waiting to allow you to write your own legend!

Along with the new class, the expansion also brings a lot of features and events to you all on Oct. 30th. Let's check them out!

• Mine Caves Return (FREE to Mine Dragon Ball, CPs and more)
Upon the arrival of the Dragon Warrior class, Mine Caves will return to work! Everyone can enter the Mine Caves to dig hard for rare items.
• Promotion Reward Change
Starting Oct. 30th, Dragon Ball will be the rewards for the 1st Rebirth Level 110 Promotion, again!
• Loyalty Pack & New Flourish Pack
From Oct. 30th - Nov. 30th, you can sign up for the new server event to claim both a Loyalty Pack and new Flourish Pack. Meteor Scrolls, Favored Training Pills, +6 Steed, Protection Pills, Senior Training Pills, +8 Stone, Dragon Warrior Super Equipment Set, and more!
• Brand-New Sky Pass, New Challenges, New Bosses, starting Oct. 30th!
• “You're the Director” Event
From Oct. 30th to Nov. 20th, all heroes can become a director and write a script for a video! You can either play as Dragon Warrior for the story, or you can draw or take screenshots to make a video story. Upload it to YouTube, and the winner will take home as many as 5,000 CPs! Every qualified participant will also receive 3 Lottery Tickets!
• New Server Events
On Oct. 30th, two new servers, King of Kung Fu and Lee Long_EU, will be opened. All 2nd-Reborn heroes can claim ONE FREE Lottery Ticket from Oct. 15th to Nov. 14th, and Nov. 13th to Nov. 27th. Besides, there'll be tons of CPs as reward for PvP events! Also, the Credit Rebate will cover the new servers, and the Shopping Rush will bring you the most popular item, the Demon Box!
• The Shopping Rush
From Oct. 30th to Nov. 30th, a celebratory Shopping Rush will kick off, offering a new Garment, new Mount Armor, Demon Boxes, equipment, +8 Stone Pack, Dragon Ball Pack, and more!

Do you feel excited about the new expansion? Be sure to login to the game to write your own legend, Oct. 30th!

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