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World Cup Update: 6 More Chances To Win!

Date: Jun 20 2014 02:39:57 Source: Official Views:

Greece and Japan ended in a draw, Uruguay sent England home, and Colombia brought home two wins out of two in Group C as they battled to a 2-1 victory over Cote-dloire. The results indicate that the predictions made by Micah, who had an interview with Maxine yesterday, were almost accurate! Did you place your bets on your chosen teams? As Micah suggested, sometimes you might need to trust your instincts! Our GM, Jason, placed some small bets on Greece, Uruguay and Colombia using Micah's predictions, and won $867!

There are 6 games over the next two days. We're going to show you the complete schedule for the matches, here.

Italy vs. Costa-Rica

2014/06/20 09:00 (PDT)


Switzerland vs. France

2014/06/20 12:00 (PDT)


Honduras vs. Ecuador

2014/06/20 15:00 (PDT)


Argentina vs. Iran

2014/06/21 09:00 (PDT)


Germany vs. Ghana

2014/06/21 12:00 (PDT)


Nigeria vs. BIH

2014/06/21 15:00 (PDT)


Time is running out! Hurry up and make a decision, then bet on the team you think will win you chips!

Odds for Italy vs. Costa-Rica

Odds for Switzerland vs. France

Odd for Honduras vs. Ecuador

Odds for Argentina vs. Iran

Odds for Germany vs. Ghana

Odds for Nigeria vs. BIH

And don’t forget, the new prizes for Gold Chips have been added! There are National Team Uniforms, Dragon Balls, +7 Stones, and more! Also, you can get a special talisman "World Cup" (30 & 180 days), by winning 1,000 and 5,000 Gold Chips, respectively. Click here to check out more information!

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