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Interview on World Cup Day7: Try to Be Winners Through Upsets

Date: Jun 19 2014 05:31:23 Source: Official Views:

Chile has defeated Spain, 2-0, knocking the defending champions out of contention. Our GM, Elliot, who's a super fan of Spain, slept like a baby last night, which means he woke up every two hours, cried for 10 minutes, and then fell back asleep!

Although unexpected things always happen, we still have some special winners through the upsets. Maxine had two quick interviews with two of those survivors. One is “Insanity”, whose real name is Micah, from the Columbus server. The other is “Circus Monkey”, from Shadowclone_EU. His name is Joshua. They talked about their reasons for placing bets on those teams who weren’t expected to win, and their views about the matches on June 19th. The following are selections from the two interviews.

Maxine: Would you please introduce yourself?
Micah: My name is Micah. I am 17 years old. I’m from Brazil, live in the US, and play on the Columbus server.

Maxine: Thanks! Do you think your national team will win the World Cup, as you are a Brazilian?
Micah: I have faith, and hope they will win.

Maxine: Are you a soccer fan?
Micah: As many Brazilian citizens, I'm a HUGE fan. It's not only tradition, but a religion. I was born and raised in Brazil. Soccer and the World Cup have always been a part of my life.

Maxine: I noticed you bet 100 Gold Chips on Costa Rica when they went against Uruguay. As we know, most people thought that Uruguay was much stronger. Why did you think they would beat Uruguay?
Micah: Well, as I watched the Costa Rica games, I noticed their determination and will to strive. Yes, Uruguay was determined, but I just had a feeling Costa Rica would overcome them.

Maxine: How much did you win from the match between Costa Rica and Uruguay?
Micah: I betted 100Gold Chip and Gained 750Gold Chip One of my Big wins, and More to come.

Maxine: There will be three matches on June 19th. They are Colombia vs. Cote-dloire, Japan vs. Greece, and Uruguay vs. England. Who do you think will win in these three matches?
Micah: The winning teams will be Colombia, Greece, and Uruguay. A leap of faith is the thing about soccer. No matter how good a team is, with determination they can overcome together. Anything can happen.

Maxine: Why do you support Uruguay instead of England?
Micah: Well, I’ve always been a fan of Uruguay. It's a beautiful place to visit, and I do have faith in their team. Even after their defeat against Costa Rica, I believe they will hit hard. They learned a lesson from that match.

Maxine: Are you familiar with all 32 teams?
Micah: Yes! You have to be, when filling out a World Cup sticker book.

Maxine: Why do you support Greece?
Micah: That was actually a mistake. Japan will most likely be winning that game, if not a draw.
Greece did not play well against Colombia. I thought they were going to put up a better fight, but I wasn't too proud of the game. They had plenty of time to catch up, yet they did nothing about it.

Maxine: Then why Colombia?
Micah Olive: Colombia is a great team. With their teamwork, they can push to victory against Cote-dloire.

Maxine: Ok. Thanks for your predictions!
Micah Olive: Thank you very much, Maxine, for interviewing me. It has been a great pleasure. I also want to thank all of my friends, guild, and allies for supporting me in the World Cup Event.


A photo of Micah

Maxine: Where are you from?
Joshua : I'm from Australia.

Maxine: Do you have any comments about the match between your country and the Netherlands?
Joshua: I was lucky, because I stuck up for the Netherlands. I won 600 Gold Chips on that match.

Maxine: Why didn't you support your national team?
Joshua: Gambling has nothing to do with patriotism. You need to be calm and objective if you want to win.

Maxine: As an experienced soccer gambling master, what's your opinion about the three matches today? Do you think they will end in a draw?
Joshua: All three matches can be a draw, but I placed bets on England, Colombia, and Greece.

Maxine: I wish your bag will be full of CPs after these three matches! Thank you very much, and best luck with your predictions.

Joshua: Thank you!


Colombia vs. Cote-dloire

2014/06/19 09:00 (PDT)

Broadcast Room 1

Uruguay vs. England

2014/06/19 12:00 (PDT)

Broadcast Room 2

Japan vs. Greece

2014/06/19 15:00 (PDT)

Broadcast Room 3

There are three matches on June 19th. Check out the odds for the matches, below:

Odds for Colombia vs. Cote-dloire

Odds for Uruguay vs. England

Odds for Japan vs. Greece

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