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World Cup Betting Pool: New Prizes Added!

Date: Jun 17 2014 04:28:00 Source: Official Views:

As we enter the 6th day of the 2014 World Cup, the CO team has brought you some good news as to for what you'll be able to exchange your Gold Chips after the World Cup. Have you ever dreamt of wearing a football uniform in the CO world during the 2014 World Cup? Now, it's a dream come true for every true sports fan!

Germany Jersey, Spain Jersey, Brazil Jersey, as well as Argentina Jersey will all be available to the players who have enough Gold Chips. Besides, there'll be two special World Cup Trophy prepared, and a delicately designed Mount Armor, Fuleco, making their way into the CO world!

Are you excited to have one of those uniforms in the game? You should be! On a side note, Brazil will take on Mexico on the sixth day of the 2014 World Cup! Be sure you'll place bets on the team you support before the betting period ends!