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Germany vs. Portugal: A big chance to win plenty of CPs?

Date: Jun 16 2014 05:32:30 Source: Official Views:

The odds on Germany winning are at 1.90 while the odds on Portugal winning are at 4.10, does it mean that most people consider that Germany has a bigger chance to win? Paul Merson, an English professional footballer and manager, said what worried him was that Germany haven't got any forwards. But he doesn’t think Portugal is good either-they're a one-man team.

Cristiano Ronaldo's tendinitis must be causing a serious headache to Portugal. However, Portugal's goalkeeper Eduardo was insisting that their talismanic captain will be ready to help them to have an excellent game. Is Cristiano Ronaldo throwing smoke bombs? Will he come on stage completely unscathed?

For Germany, manager Joachim Low is dealing with bigger problems as Borussia Dortmund midfielder Marco Reus sustained an ankle injury and has been ruled out of the entire competition. Nevertheless, everyone else is expected to be fit for the game.

A CO player from the Scent Sword server said he was going with Germany and he bet 276 Gold Chips and 101 Silver Chips on Germany to win. They have won the last three tournament matches against Portugal: a 3-1 win at the 2006 World Cup; a 3-2 victory at Euro 2008 and a 1-0 win in their opener at Euro 2012. What's your opinion? Go ahead to place your bets!

Germany vs. Portugal

2014/06/16 9:00 (PDT)

Broadcast Room

In addition, there's good news for you. GMs will show up in the Broadcast Room to watch the match featuring Germany and Portugal on June 16th, 2014. Click the Broadcast Room above to watch the match with GMs, play Q&A games and grab Point Cards. We are all ready. Where are you?

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