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Thunder Strike

Duration: everyday
Requirement: Level 110+ of 1st-reborn
NPC: Kingdom Mission Envoy (Twin City 396,342)
Reward: Bounty of Thunder Strike (contains Eminent Exploit Pack, Chi Point, etc)

While in a battle against millions of enemies, striking first is the key to gain initiative. Hurry up and disable the enemy soldiers, officers and their Kylin Chariots in the Realm! When you collect 300 Strike Points, a wonderful bounty will be yours. You can also earn War Exploit by destroying the enemy’s Defensive Barrier, Dark Crystal or beheading their Military Officer.


  1. Talk with Kingdom Mission Envoy and teleport to Realm.
  2. Kill the Warrior of Rage and enemies from other servers to earn 300 Strike Points.
  3. Report back to the Kingdom Mission Envoy in your own server, and claim your reward.
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