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Scramble for Justice

Duration: everyday
Requirement: Level 110+ of 1st-reborn
NPC: Kingdom Mission Envoy (Twin City 396,342)

A horde of bloodthirsty devils have occupied the Deserted Village in the Realm. They built a weird array with 4 Dark Crystals, guarding their leader Alluring Witch at the center. We’re calling heroes to team up and behead the horrific Alluring Witch after breaking through her magic array. Tons of rewards will be offered to the contributors.

1. Talk with Kingdom Mission Envoy and teleport to Realm.

2. Alluring Witch and Dark Crystal will appear in the top of every hour in the center of Realm.

3. Kill Dark Crystal and Alluring Witch and report back to the Kingdom Mission Envoy in your own server to claim your reward.

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