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Release the Souls

Duration: everyday
Requirement: Level 70 and above
NPC: Daily Quest Envoy (Twin City 426, 396), Desert Guardian (Desert 540, 646), Soldier Remains (Desert 621,531)
Reward:  EXP, Study Points, Chi Tokens.

Chi Token. After collecting 7 Chi Tokens, you can use them to gain 180 minutes of EXP and 200 Chi Points.


1. All Level 90+ players can speak with the Daily Quest Envoy to find Desert Guardian (Desert 540,646) everyday.

2. Desert Guardian will ask you to find 3 Soldier’s Remains and release their souls.

3. After you find 3 Soldier’s Remains in desert and release their souls, you can go back to the Desert Guardian for your rewards.


You can finish this quest once a day.

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