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Rare Materials

Duration: everyday
Requirement: Level 75 and above
NPC: Daily Quest Envoy (Twin City 337,448)
Reward: EXP, Study Points, Chi Tokens.

Star Reward
1 Star 120 minutes of EXP, 30 Study Points, 1 Chi Token
2 Star 240 minutes of EXP, 50 Study Points, 1 Chi Token
3 Star 360 minutes of EXP, 70 Study Points, 1 Chi Token


Chi Token. After collecting 7 Chi Tokens, you can use them to gain 180 minutes of EXP and 200 Chi Points.


1. The Daily Quest Envoy is looking for some heroes to help him collect some rare material. Collecting required rare material to Daily Quest can get relevant reward.

2. If you feel difficult to collect the listed item, you can spend 1 CP to let the Daily Quest Envoy change it. You can only hand in the item listed on the list.

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