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Quest - Meteor Tears

Very Hard: (level 80-100)
Snake Islands | Ancient Devil | Meteor Tears

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Milly's sister Minner was tricked and dumped by her ex-husband Joe. Joe is greedy and impenitent when confronted about this, demanding that you give over an amrita, the guardian star from his ex-wife AND a meteor. In return, he will only give you a little, sad-looking meteor. What can be the meaning of this?

Meteor Tear 
NPCs: Milly (southeast Maple Forest 804,461), Minner (Bird Island 707,545), Joe (northwest Desert 77,326)
Rewards: A Meteor Tear
Note: Meteor tears can be used in exactly the same way as meteors, except that they have another function - you can't divorce your spouse unless you have one (making meteor tears in great demand!)

i. Find Milly in Phoenix Castle and help her to send a letter to her sister Minner in Bird Island.
ii. Take the letter to Minner in Bird Island. Minner asks for your help to find her lover, Joe. If you would like to help, she will give you a Guardian Star.
iii. Find Joe in the desert. Take the Guardian Star to him. He says he also wants a Meteor and an Amrita.
iv. Go to buy a Meteor and an Amrita.
v. Go back to Joe. He is very thirsty, so give your Amrita to him. After talking, he asks for the Guardian Star. Give it to him along with the Meteor. Then he will give you a small, sad-looking Meteor so that you can deliver it to Minner.
vi. Take this small, sad-looking Meteor to Minner. After she takes away your Sad Meteor, she'll give you a Meteor Tear. Then you can divorce your spouse.