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Quest - Snake Islands

Very Hard: (level 80-100)
Snake Islands | Ancient Devil | Meteor Tear

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Snake Islands

The snake islands are one of the most dangerous locations in the world of Conquer. Snakes of gigantic proportions roam freely, attacking anything and everything! The challenge to kill the snake king is not one to be taken lightly.

Snake Islands
Requirement: Level 90+
NPCs: Green Snake (Bird Island 468,203)


Rewards: Meteors, Dragon Balls, Refined Gems, Super Gems,Study Points, Money Bag, etc.
Note: The rewards are good, but you'll have to be patient and careful - it's easy to die, especially if you're a Warrior or a Trojan.

i. Speak to the Green Snake on Bird Island, and take the challenge to enter the Snake Islands.
ii. The Snake Islands consist of dozens of isles, which are flooded with Tough Snakes and Fire Snakes. You don't have to kill them. It’s almost impossible to kill them all, for they spawn quickly while delivering high damage attacks. Stay away from them, and turn on "Shift Screen" to jump to other isles until you reach the destination (87,67) where the Snake King lies.
iii. Kill the Snake King. But be aware of his protectors- Water Snakes!