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Quest - Flame Lit Event

Time: Last 2 hours of the Guild War.
When Guild War time is 8:00 Sat - 14:00 Sun, the Flame Lit Event starts at 12:00 and ends on 14:00 Sunday PST.
When Guild War time is 14:00 Fri - 20:00 Sat, the Flame Lit Event starts at 18:00 and ends at 20:00 Saturday PST.

Npc: Flame Taoist (Twin City, 353 325)

Rewards: Lots of Experience.

Quest Items:


Jade Rune Gold Rune Spirit Rune Heaven Rune

Dragon Rune


  1. Talk to Flame Taoist to know more about the event. When the event begins, he will give you a Jade Rune and you start lighting the flame.
  2. Flames are located in Twin City and the Guild map. Find them according to the coordinates carved on the Runes. When you light one up, the Rune will disappear and you will get a new one which shows where the next flame is.
  3. After you have lit up 1st to 9th Flame Stones, the 10th Flame Stone can be only lit up in the last half an hour of the Guild War. When you light up all the flames, you will get a Dragon Rune.
  4. Talk to Flame Taoist when the Guild War ends. And you will get some Experience according to which Rune you have.


  1. If you drop the Rune when doing the quest, you have to start it again from the beginning.
  2. The quest can be done once a week.

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