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Do you want to make full use of your Super equipment? Do you need a platform to prove yourself and show your power? Now, all is possible in the Qualifier of Conquer Online!

Requirement: Level 40 or above
Click "Qualifier" on the screen to enter the Qualifier interface.

Click "Sign Up" on the Qualifier interface to take part in the Qualifier.

After you enlist in the Qualifier, the system will automatically find you an opponent whose Arena Point is closest to you at the time of your enlistment.

After the system finds a proper opponent for you, you can choose "Accept" or "Give Up" in 60 seconds.

Note: Players in prison or vending in a market booth are unable to join in the Arena.

A Qualifier round will last for 5 minutes.
After you enter the Arena, you will have 10 seconds of immunity to prepare yourself for battle.

The player who beats his/her opponent in 5 minutes will be the winner!
If nobody is killed when the time is up, the result will be determined by the amount of HP lost. If you make the opponent lose more HP, you will be the winner!
Anyone who chooses to withdraw or is offline for the Qualifier will be considered to have forfeited the match.
Winners will receive 3% of the opponent’s Arena Points. The loser will lose 3% of his/her Arena Points.
Killing an opponent in the Arena won’t add to your PK Points, and you will not drop any items if killed.

The Watch Function
You can choose "Watch" in the Arena. Click "Refresh", and then click "Watch" to watch any ongoing Qualifier.

The players in the Arena can’t see the players who are watching. As an audience, you can click "Cheer" to encourage the players!

Arena Point:
Arena Points will affect your rank in the Qualifier.
You will receive the Initial Arena Points when you join in the Qualifier for the first time. The higher your level, the more Initial Arena Points you receive. You will obtain 3% of the opponent’s Arena Points if you beat him whereas you will lose 3% Arena Points if you are beaten. If you give up, it is considered the same as losing.
Your Arena Points will be reset to the Initial Arena Points when the Daily Settlement comes.
You cannot join the Qualifier if your Arena Points is less than 0. If that is the case, you need to buy Arena Points from the system (at most 1500 Arena Points) to enlist in the Qualifier.

Honor Point:
You will receive 500 Honor Points and an EXP Ball if you join in the Qualifier 20 times a day. Players who win 9 times a day in the Qualifier will receive an extra 500 Honor Points and an EXP Ball.
There will be an Honor Point reward everyday according to that day’s Arena Point Ranking. You can check your ranking and Honor Points in the Qualifier Ranking section.
When a season is over, the Top 1000 players of this season will receive extra Honor Points according to their ranking.

PS: The Honor Points can be used to buy the refinery pack, Dragon Pill and Study Book from the Honor Store.