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Tower of Mystery [Daily]

Duration: Every day
Requirement: Level 90
NPC: Daily Quest Envoy (Twin City 337,448), Heavenly Master (Twin City 250,455), Tower Keeper (Twin City 245,466), Cloud Sweeper (Twin City 246,459), Bright Tribe`s Reward (TowerofMystery 66,66)


Blazing CP Fragment

A CP fragment in fiery red. When 9 fragments are collected, they will bring you 270 CPs (B).

Concerted Effort Pack

For team challenge. Open to randomly receive Luxury Protection Pack, Golden Training Pack, Plentiful Talent Pack, etc.
Chi Token

Collect 7 Chi Tokens and use them to get 180-min EXP, 200 Chi Points and 100 Champion Points, once a day. If you’ve already had 25,000 Chi Points, the Chi reward will be excluded.
Exorcism Token

Collect a certain amount of tokens to exchange for a gift with the Heavenly Master (Market 243,174).
Exorcism Pack

This pack, received by exchanging 3 Exorcism Tokens with Heavenly Master, contains P3-4 Dragon Soul, Weapon Accessory and other nice gifts.
Golden Exorcism Pack

Open to get 50 CPs (B) and some other fancy random gifts, such as, Justice Scroll, Chi Token, P3-6 Dragon Soul, Weapon Accessory, etc.

In Wind Plain, the eccentric Bright tribe has built a majestic tower known as the Tower of Mystery where many ferocious devils are sealed, including the notorious Thrilling Spook. Defeating these devils can energize the Mystery Pearl on the top of the tower, and helps the tribe realize their dream of returning home. The Daily Quest Envoy and the Heavenly Master have also decided to give assistance.

1. Heroes who have reached at least Level 90 can talk to the Daily Quest Envoy (Twin City 337,448) to find the Heavenly Master who knows the path that leads to the Tower of Mystery.


2. Heavenly Master is pleased to send you to the Tower of Mystery. In addition, he will provide a special reward and gift exchange service to you if you are able to defeat a devil in the tower.


3. With the help of Heavenly Master, you arrived in the Tower of Mystery. Talk to the Tower Keeper to start your challenge.


4. The tower has 9 floors, with a bloodthirsty devil sealed on each floor, and offers 2 difficulty levels, Common and Elite. You can unlock the devils floor by floor, and activate the Elite mode after completing all floors at Common mode. Every time when you defeat a devil, you can claim the reward of the floor.

5. Get ready and start your challenge from the 1st floor which is guarded by the Great Pheasant.


6. After a fierce battle, you’ve finally defeated the Great Pheasant. Go claim the Bright Tribe`s Reward at the center of this floor.

7. Every day, you can claim the Bright Tribe`s Reward up to 3 times. After running out of the challenge chance, you can still talk to the Daily Quest Envoy or use an Endeavor Scroll to reset the quest.

8. The floors that you’ve already cleared can still be challenged again. While for these floors, you can choose to use CPs or Meteor Scrolls to start “sweeping” and directly get the reward.

9. Remember? Besides the Bright tribe’s reward, you can claim rewards from the Heavenly Master after completing a challenge in the tower, once a day. His rewards include a Chi Token, 200 Champion Points, 3 Exorcism Tokens and 100 Study Points.


10. If you have enough Exorcism Tokens, you can also exchange them for Exorcism Pack or Golden Exorcism Pack with him.

11. The higher the floor, the more fearsome the devil, and the better the reward. We suggest you to make a team for the challenge. The team that successfully conquers a floor will be rewarded with a Concerted Effort Pack by the Cloud Sweeper.


12. When all the floors are cleared and the Mystery Pearl grows powerful enough to suppress the Fiery Dragon Volcano, the Bright tribe will get an opportunity to return home. So, are you the chosen one to change their destiny?

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