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Chasm of Chaos


Duration: Long-term
Level Request: Level 120+

1. Heroes can talk with Daily Quest Envoy (Twin City 337,448) to transport to Dragon Island.

2. Talk to Yu Koon (Dragon Island 450,481), Yu Koon will send heroes to the Giant Chasm. Heroes also can click Giant Chasm in Pathfinding to find Yu Koon directly.


3. Killing devils in the Giant Chasm will bring you common treasures. The more Luck heroes have, the more chance heroes can get rare treasure.PK is allowed in Giant Chasm. Heroes can get 1 stack of Bliss while you kill an opponent. it is up to 9 stacks. The more stacks of your Bliss, the higher drop rate of treasures.

4. Heroes can gather Chaos Bead by killing devils in the Giant Chasm. Once heroes have enough Chaos Bead, heroes can exchange reward with Hau Kan.

5. Kill 100 devils in the Giant Chasm can open Victory Chest once a day. There are two kind of Chest will appear in the Giant Chasm randomly, heroes can claim wonderful reward from these chest with relevant chest key (Like 3000 CPs, Bright Star Stone, etc).

6. There are 5 kind of Beast in the Giant Chasm. Heroes can defeat these beasts to earn better reward (Like Epic Chest Key, Rare Chest Key, etc).

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