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Tempest Wings

Requirements: Level 100 or reborn

NPC: Taskmaster Chang (JobCenter 51,49), Mr. Wonder (PhoenixCastle 212,196)

Quest Item:

Roc`s Feather
Roc`s Feather
An enormous legendary bird`s feather. Mr. Wonder (ApeCity 578,572) can refine it into Tempest Wings.


Aurora Lotus Scroll
Tempest Wings
While in one screen, only the hero who has Tempest Wings of the highest bonus level above +6 can spread the wings; 2 - 6 heroes can fold their wings; and others' wings will not be shown.


  1. Talk to the Taskmaster Change (51,49) in Job Center to take the quest `Tempest Wings`.

    Taoist Moon

  2. Tempest Wings is an intelligent talisman to boost strength, and also a dazzling symbol of nobility, making its master stand out in a second. Mr. Wonder (PhoenixCastle 212,196) knows the secret of forging the Tempest Wings.
  3. Mr. Wonder agrees to help you, but you need to bring him Roc's Feather first. It can never be easy.

    Divine Panacea

  4. Roc is a legendary bird of enormous size and strength living in the Rainbow Sky. If you`ve decided to take this challenge, give Mr. Wonder 5 Meteor Scrolls to enter the Rainbow Sky.

    Divine Panacea

  5. Roc has terrific strength. Wisely use your skills to kill Roc and collect its feather.

    Divine Panacea

  6. When you obtain Roc's Feather, give it to Mr. Wonder for making the Tempest Wings. To bring out Tempest Wings' real power, you can further refine it to the best quality and the highest bonus level, making yourself in an enviable position.

    Divine Panacea

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