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Father's Day In-game Event - Foster Son

Chocolate Cake | Compassion Cube | Foster Son

Time: June 13th - June 17th


Thales (Twin City 350,346),

Doctor Mayer (Ape City 553,543)

Donahue (Desert City 463,618)

Dwight (Bird Island 756,559)

Requirement: Level 85 or above.


Festival Pack

Non-Reborn players can open it to receive 15 minutes EXP and a random gift from EXP Ball(B), Praying Stone (S), EXP Potion(B), Endurance Book(B), Normal Gem, Emerald(B), Bomb(B), Memory Agate(B), Skill Proficiency Book(B), 1-day weapon accessory/Garment/Mount Armor (B), Moon Box(B), Saddle*5, Meteor Scroll, House Permit(B) and many others.

1st-Reborn players can open it to receive 30 minutes EXP and a random gift from EXP Potion, Refine Gem, 3-day weapon accessory/Garment/Mount Armor (B), Celestial Stone, Moon Box, Meteor Scroll, Memory Agate, Dragon Soul Pack, Refinery Pack and many others.

2nd-Reborn players can open it to receive 60 minutes EXP and a random gift, such as Penitence Amulet, Meteor Scroll, Big Praying Stone, Dragon Soul Pack, Super Refinery Pack, Refined/Super Gem, +2 Steed, +2 Stone, Dragon Ball, EXP Ball Fragment (gain 1% EXP of current level), and many others.

Quest Items:

Snake Gail:

A rare medicine. You need to collect 10 for Doctor Mayer, in Ape City.

Dwight's Letter:

Dwight's letter to his birth father, Thales. You need to deliver it safely to Thales.


1. Talk to Thales (Twin City, 350,347). He will ask you to help find his son that he abandoned year ago.

2. Go to find Doctor Mayer and ask him about the foster son. However, he is not willing to tell you unless you can get him 10 Snake Galls from the Snakemen.

3. You can collect Snake Galls from the defeated Snakemen. After you collect 10 Snake Galls, go back to Doctor Mayer and he will tell you to find Donahue, the foster father.

4. Find Donahue in the Desert City (463,618), but he won't tell you the truth unless you kill 30 Blade Ghosts and 20 Lv 83 Ghost Blades for him.

5. After you finish Donahue's quest, you will tell you where the foster son is.

6. Go to the Bird Island (756, 559) to talk to the foster son. He will ask you to deliver a letter to his biological father.

7. Deliver the letter to Thales, and then he will give you a big reward.

Note: You can complete this quest once a day.