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World Cup Fever -- Football Girl

Football Girl | Match Gift

Duration: June 12th - July 14th

Requirements: Level 80+

World Cup Mascot (Wild Plain 294,360)
Football Girl Referee (World Cup Field 71,119)
Rebecca (World Cup Field 66,119)
Monica (World Cup Field 66,114)
Veronica (World Cup Field 70,113)


Festival Pack

Non-Reborn players can open it to receive 15 minutes EXP and a random gift from EXP Ball(B), Praying Stone (S), EXP Potion(B), Endurance Book(B), Normal Gem, Emerald(B), Bomb(B), Memory Agate(B), Skill Proficiency Book(B), 1-day weapon accessory/Garment/Mount Armor (B), Moon Box(B), Saddle*5, Meteor Scroll, House Permit(B) and many others.

1st-Reborn players can open it to receive 30 minutes EXP and a random gift from EXP Potion, Refine Gem, 3-day weapon accessory/Garment/Mount Armor (B), Celestial Stone, Moon Box, Meteor Scroll, Memory Agate, Dragon Soul Pack, Refinery Pack and many others.

2nd-Reborn players can open it to receive 60 minutes EXP and a random gift, such as Penitence Amulet, Meteor Scroll, Big Praying Stone, Dragon Soul Pack, Super Refinery Pack, Refined/Super Gem, +2 Steed, +2 Stone, Dragon Ball, EXP Ball Fragment (gain 1% EXP of current level), and many others.

Quest Item

Voting Page

Collect 5 pages to bind into a brochure. Right click to bind.

Voting Brochure

Give it to the girl you like to vote.


  1. During the event, the Football Girl Referee is holding the Football Girl event, in which all Level 80+ sports fans can partake to vote one of the 3 girls next to the Football Girl Referee in World Cup Field (71,119) for the football girl of the day.
  2. You can collect Voting Pages on the World Cup Field. 5 Pages can be pieced together for a Voting Brochure. If you like one of the 3 girls, just give the brochure to her to vote, and you'll receive a reward.
  3. If the girl you vote turns out to be the football girl, you'll be given an extra reward!

Note: You can only vote, once a day.

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