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New CO NPC Coordinates List

NPC Coordinates   Function
One of the Twin City Exits (448,455) Exits of Twin City
Entrance of Job Center (475,300) Get promotion/ Learn class skills 
PK Tournament Sign-up (456,290) Teleport to PK Tournament
GaleShallow Teleport (397,365) Teleport to Gale Shallow
Mine Cave Teleport (209,375) Teleport to Mine Cave
Rosewood Voucher NPC (231,390) Exchange Copper Ore
Treasure Hunting (342,403) Teleport to Lottery Center
Clan Management NPC (301,313) Clan Manager
MountTrainer (430,406) Learn mount skill
SuperMok (468,400) Epic Quest
TaskmasterChang (475,300) Equipment Bonus Quest
ElitePKEnvoy (438,270) Teleport to Elite PK Tournament
TeamPKManager (444,270) Teleport to Team PK Tournament
SkillTeamPKManager (448,270) Teleport to Skill Team PK Tounrament
Pedlar (428,313) Skill Book Shop
Shopkeeper (423,313) Accessory Shop
Shopboy (420,308) Packing
Armorer (413,305) Armor Shop
Blacksmith (410,313) Weapon Shop
Warehouseman (402,313) Store
Pharmacist (401,326) Potion Shop
Boxer (402,340) Training Ground
KingdomMissionEnvoy (397,344) Kingdom Mission
FrozenGrottoEnvoy (397,358) Teleport to Frozen Grotto
SashTrader (392,482) Sash Shop
Upgrade/DegradeEquipment (374,504) Upgrade/Degrade Equipment
DailyQuest (342,435) Daily Quest
TowerKeeper (248,469) Tower of Mystery
GuideofFieryDragon (240,488) Teleport to Fiery Dragon
SolarSaint (275,481) Teleport to Dis City
Teleporter (279,458) Teleport
TaoistPure (258,442) Batt;efield
Mr.Sage (216,431) Jiang Hu
RebirthMaster (249,365) Rebirth
CelestialTao (264,374) Attribute Reallocation
CelestialSage (209,418) Inner Power
FiendLairHerald (342,413) Fiend Lair
RepairEquipment (365,,504) Repair Equipment
GameManager (306,452) Teleport to Poker Room
SkillEraserSpecialist (386,488) Skill Removal
HouseAdmin (342,512) House Manager
Matchmaker (331,524) Mirrage
Luna (326,533) Teleport to Moon Platform
FurnitureNPC (350,522) Furniture Shop
GuildController (301,313) Guild Manager
Blessing (341,413) Enchant Blessed
TreasurePurchase (341,406) Treasure Shop
EquipmentRedeem (341,401) Equipment Redeem
HorseRacing (391,474) Teleport to Horse Racing
EXP (377,504) Exchange EXP with DB
CO Poker Club