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About Cps

What are Cps?

CPs are used in Conquer Online as special dummy coins to purchase rare items, garments in Shopping Mall and enter the lottery center (27CPs for each entry). Its full name is: Conquer Points.

How to get Cps?

There are 3 ways to obtain Conquer Points:
1. Purchase Point cards from the site, credit the cards and claim Conquer Points in the game.
Here are three necessary steps to do that:
Step 1. Purchase Point Cards
We have different payment solutions for the players from different countries. Please refer to our
purchase page to select the most convenient payment method for you.
Step 2. Credit Point Cards
Credit Point Cards at
Point Card A = 530 Conquer Points
Point Card B = 1075 Conquer Points (Equivalent to 5 Dragonballs)
Step 3: Claim Conquer Points in the game.
You have two ways to claim CPs:
a. Find CP Admin (Market, 178 182) to claim. You can claim one Point Card credited per time.

b. Click Claim CP button, which is near Item Lock button. All of your Point cards will be claimed once you click it.

2. Trade with other players or vend your items at Conquer Points in the game.

3. Take part in our events and gain the CP Prizes! Refer to our event pages for more information about Conquer events!