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Treasure Rain in Poker Room

Duration: August 15th to August 24th

Servers: Lightning,FastBlade,Storm,Phoenix,Eternity,Faith,Mercury,Virgo,Gryphon,SnowWhite,Uranus,WildSwan,Honor

There will not be Treasure Rain in other servers. 

During the event, Silver, 1-Day Flush Of Hearts Garment and 100K Ticket will drop in Poker Room at specific time, don't miss the chance to pick treasures!

There will be 4 rounds of Treasure Rains every day, chek out the time of the Treasure Rain below.

Round Time (Server Time)
1 6:00,  6:15,  6:30,  6:45
2 9:00,  9:15,  9:30,  9:45
3 12:00,  12:15,  12:30,  12:45
4 15:00,  15:15,  15:30,  15:45

 Note: The Treasure Rain will not start unless there are more than 100 heroes in the Poker Room.

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