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Thunderstriker Daily Gift Pack

Duration: March 12th – April 1st
Level Request: Level 80+
From March 12th, heroes can claim a universal joy box when you sign-in. Open Spring Sign-in Box to can get different quality of sign in box which is depended on your current level. Every heroes only can open Spring Sign-in Box once a day. And Thunderstriker can open Spring Sign-in Box one more time.
Universal Joy Box

Level Request
Spring Sign-in Box
0 Reborn Level 80+
100 CPs (B) and a random valuable item from EXP Ball(B)*1, Meteor Scroll(B), Twilight Star Stone, Dragon Ball(B), 30 CP(B), etc.
1st Reborn Level 15+
150 CPs (B) and a random valuable item from Twilight Star Stone*2, 50 CP(B), Dragon Ball(B), +3 Stone(B)*2, 100 CP, etc.
2nd Reborn Level 15+
200 CPs (B), and a random valuable item from Twilight Star Stone*4, Favored Training Pill(B)*4, Bright Star Stone, 100 CP(B), Dragon Ball(B), 200 CP, etc.

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