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Super Heroes

Note: This information is based on test version. Be subject to the final version!
1. Hereoes can open Super Heroes Window by clicking Anniversary button.
2. Heroes can complete Quest in Hero Tasks to get relevant point. There are amounts of reward waiting for you once heroes reach the relevant request.
3. There are 4 grade rewards: No privilege, Primary, Standard and Senior. Heroes need to hand on relevant token once heroes want to unlock Primary, Standard and Senior reward.
Privilege Item Request
No privilege
Seasonal Hero Token
648 CPs
Seasonal L2 Superhero Token
2099 CPs
Seasonal L3 Superhero Token
7999 CPs
Heroes can claim No priviledge and Primary reward once heroes use Seasonal Hero Token to unlock Primary reward.
Heroes can claim No priviledge, Primary and Standard reward once heroes use Seasonal L2 Superhero Token to unlock Primary reward. Once heroes earn 45,000 Hero Points, heroes can upgrade to Superhero Token.
Heroes can claim No priviledge, Primary, Standard and Senior reward once heroes use Seasonal L3 Superhero Token to unlock Primary reward. Once heroes earn 75,000 Hero Points, heroes can get a refund of the payment for the Senior Superhero Token.
Heroes only can get the refund of the payment for the Seasonal L3 Superhero Token.


Request No privilege Primary Standard Senior
10 StonePack(S)*1 30DStarSea*1 StarSeaPack*1 CelestialDragonPack*1
50 HeroicPrideFragment*1 10GinsengFruitPack*1 DragonFruitBag(10)*1 MoonFruitBag(15)*1
150 StonePack(S)*1 StonePack(M)*1 30DCelestialDragon*1 30DStarSea(Anthem)*1
250 HeroicPrideFragment*1 P3Anima*1 +4Stone(B)Pack*1 30DAccessoryPack*1
350 BrightStarBag*1 500PotencyPtsPack*1 1000ChiPtsBag*1 30DAccessoryPack*1
450 HeroicPrideFragment*1 500ChiBag*1 UniversalRuneEssence(B)Bag(50)*1 RareYellowRune(B)Fragment*1
600 StonePack(S)*1 +4Stone(B)Pack*1 RareYellowRune(B)Fragment*1 MasterofJusticeFragment*2
750 HeroicPrideFragment*1 1000PotencyPtsPack*1 +5Stone(B)Pack*1 RareYellowRune(B)Fragment*1
900 BrightStarBag*1 1000ChiPtsBag*1 P6Anima*1 MasterofJusticeFragment*2
1150 HeroicPrideFragment*1 YellowRuneEssence(B)*20*1 UniversalRuneEssence(B)Bag(50)*1 RareYellowRune(B)Fragment*1
1350 StonePack(S)*1 +4Stone(B)Pack*1 1000ChiPtsBag*1 MasterofJusticeFragment*2
1500 HeroicPrideFragment*1 1000PotencyPtsPack*1 UniversalRuneEssence(B)Bag(50)*1 RareYellowRune(B)Fragment*1
2000 YellowRuneEssence(B)*10*1 1000ChiPtsBag*1 RuneCrystal(B)Bag(10)*1 MasterofJusticeFragment*2
2500 HeroicPrideFragment*1 BrightStarPack(10)*1 +5Stone(B)Pack*1 RareYellowRune(B)Fragment*1
Glory Gold BrightStarBag*1 RuneCrystal(B)Bag*1 1000PotencyPtsBag*1 MasterofJusticeFragment*3
3500 HeroicPrideFragment*1 1000PotencyPtsPack*1 5000ChiPointsPack*1 RareYellowRune(B)Fragment*1
4000 BrightStarBag*1 1000ChiPtsBag*1 UniversalRuneEssence(B)Bag(50)*1 MasterofJusticeFragment*3
4500 YellowRuneEssence(B)*10*1 +4Stone(B)Pack*1 RareYellowRune(B)Fragment*1 RareYellowRune(B)Fragment*1
5000 StonePack(M)*1 P5Anima*1 +5Stone(B)Pack*1 MasterofJusticeFragment*3
5500 500ChiBag*1 1.5KPotencyBag*1 1000PotencyPtsBag*1 RareYellowRune(B)Fragment*1
6000 BrightStarBag*1 2000ChiPointsPack*1 1000HeroPtsBag*1 MasterofJusticeFragment*3
7000 StonePack(M)*1 +4Stone(B)Pack*1 +5Stone(B)Pack*1 ChiPointPack(10000)*1
8000 YellowRuneEssence(B)*10*1



5000ChiPointsPack*1 RareYellowRune(B)Fragment*1
9000 300PotencyBag*1 GinsengFruitBag(50)*1 +5Stone(B)Pack 1000HeroPtsBag
11000 HeroicPrideFragment*1 RareYellowRune(B)Fragment*1 RareYellowRune(B)Fragment*1 RareYellowRune(B)Fragment*1
13000 BrightStarBag*1 1.5KPotencyBag*1 1000HeroPtsBag*1 RefinedRuneCrystal(B)Bag(10)*1
15000 500ChiBag*1 2500ChiPointsPack*1 RareYellowRune(B)Fragment*1 RareYellowRune(B)Fragment*1
17000 StonePack(M)*1 RareYellowRune(B)Fragment*1 +5Stone(B)Pack*1 MoonFruitBag(10)*1
19000 YellowRuneEssence(B)*10*1 5000PotencyPtsBag*1 RareYellowRune(B)Fragment*1 RareYellowRune(B)Fragment*1
21000 BrightStarBag*1 +5Stone(B)Pack*1 ChiPointsPack(10000)*1 RadiantStarPack(10)*1
23000 +5Stone(B)Pack*1 5000ChiPointsPack*1 RareYellowRune(B)Fragment*1 30DVioletWings*1
25000 HeroicPrideFragment*1 +5Stone(B)Packl*1 6Stone(B) RareRandomYellowRunePack(B)*1

4. According to your points you get in the event, we will make a list of Rank. Top 10 heroes of every server will get 5 Star Garment.
Permanent Celestial Dragon (Star)
180-days Celestial Dragon (Star)
90-days Celestial Dragon (Star)
30-days Celestial Dragon (Star)
Celestial Dragon (Star)
Star Sea(Hymn)
Violet Wings
Heroic Pride
5. Heroes can use points to exchange reward in Point Store. Heroes which has purchased privilege can use privilege store to purchase item.
Point Store
Privilege Store
Note: Be subject to final version!
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