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Summer Vacation Event

Note: More detailed information will be added soon. And there may still be changes before the event is released, please refer to the final version.
Duration: July 5th to July 18th
Requirement: Level 80
Reddie in Twin City (355,475)
Talk to Reddie to learn details about the event.

During the event, defeat the monsters to get Summer Ice Creams, you can get up to 20 Ice Creams a day by hunting monsters. And the Ice Cream Robber with bad temper has more Summer Ice Creams, you can find them around (475,514) outside Twin City. What's more, you will also have a chance to get the Ice Creams when talking to NPC Kingdom Mission Envoy, DailyQuestEnvoy and Teleport Conductress. Eat the Ice Creams to get Ice Cream Sticks, which can be exchanged for gifts with Reddie.
You will also have a chance to get a random amount of Bound CPs instead when eating Summer Ice Cream.
 You can use Ice Cream Stick and Fortune Coins to exchange for various gifts. Check out the details below.
As for Festival Card (2), Festival Card (0), Festival Card (1) and Festival Card (8), you have a chance to get the card by opening Festival Joy Pack, you need to gather all 4 cards to exchange for 2018 Surprise Box. But there are no Festival Joy Packs as reward this time, it is a long term exchange, as long as you get the cards, you can make exchange when festival event comes.
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