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Summer Daily Sign-in



July 13th – July 19th


Level 80


BlissBaby in Twin City (241,235)


During event time, heroes can claim a Pride Pack from NPC BlissBaby for free, and the Pack can be opened once a day, also for free! You can get a fixed reward and a random reward from it each time.  

Non-Reborn Players, 1st Rebirth Players and 2nd Rebirth Players will get respective rewards, check out what you can get when opening the pack below.


Character Level
Fixed Reward
Random Reward
(You can get one of them each time.)
Above Level 80
EXP Ball (B) x 2
+1 Stone (B) x 1
EXP Ball x 3
Meteor Scroll (B)
100 Study Points
3*EXP Potion (B) x 3
+1 Stone
Dragon Ball (B)
EXP Care Pill (B)
Exemption Token (B)
1st Rebirth
EXP Ball (B) x 2
300 Study Points
CONQUER Piece x 1
Meteor Scroll (B)
P5 Dragon Soul Pack (B)
Twilight Star Stone x 3
20 CPs (B)
+2 Stone (B)
Dragon Ball (B)
Exemption Token (B)
Vital Pill (B)
2nd Rebirh or above
500 Chi Points
Bright Star stone
CONQUER Piece x 1
Vital Pill (B) x 2
Favored Training Pill (B) x 4
Senior Training Pill (B) x 4
P6 Dragon Soul Pack (B)
Bright Star Stone
50 CPs (B)
Dragon Ball
Penitence Amulet (B)

CONQUER Piece is for Summer Carnival Puzzle event, please check out the detail here.

Note: If your rebirth status changed after you claimed the pack, the reward will not change.

And there are also two other packs available at BlissBaby. Splendid Summer Pack and Luxury Summer Pack.

You need to pay 199 CPs to open Splendid Summer Pack and 499 CPs to open Luxury Summer Pack. Check out what you can get from the packs below.


CPs to Open

(You can get one of the rewards.)

Splendid Summer Pack

199 CPs

Dragon Ball x 3

Bright Star Stone x 4


Vital Pill x 5

Small Lottery Ticket x 20

1000 CPs


CPs to Open

(You can get one of the rewards.)

Luxury Summer Pack

499 CPs


Small Lottery Ticket x 40

Vital Pill x 10

+4 Stone

Permanent Stone x 2

Radiant Star Stone x 2

5000 CPs

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