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Inspired Ninjas FAQ

Note: There may still be changes before the expansion is released, please refer to the final version.


1. How to Unlock Ninpo Scroll?
After reaching Lv.40, Ninjas can go to the Job Center and find Saizo with the help of the Job Promo Teleporter. Saizo has a series of inspiring trials for Ninjas and will help them unlock the Ninpo Scroll in the process of completing these trials. For more information about the Ninpo Scroll, please have a check at Ninpo Scroll.
2. What is the Eight Gates?
The Eight Gates are Dawn, Rest, Life, Pain, Limit, View, Shock, and Death on the Ninpo Scroll, and will also open upon completion of the inspiring trials. The Eight Gates can be used to embed Ninjutsu Sigils.
3. How can I get Ninjutsu Skills?
By embedding Ninjutsu Sigils into the Eight Gates, Ninjas will acquire brand-new Ninjutsu Skills with astonishing power. For more information about the Ninjutsu Skills, please have a check at Ninjutsu Skills
4. What is ninjutsu sigil?
There are different types of ninjutsu sigils which can be embedded into the Eight Gates of Ninpo Scroll to activate different ninja skills. You can upgrade these sigils, but cannot trade them to others.
5. How can I get Ninjutsu Sigils?
* Upon completion of the Ninpo Scroll quest, you can talk to the NPC to choose one sigil from Wild Sigil, Dragon Sigil, Slash Sigil, Dust Sigil, and Sickle Sigil. When you clear the Gate of Dawn trial, you receive two more sigils and also some Arcane Essences which can be used to upgrade sigils.
* Some quests in the Bounty Hall offer Sigil Box or Advanced Sigil Box as reward. By opening the box, you receive a sigil of random type.
* You can also collect Hero Points to exchange for Sigil Box and Advanced Sigil Box.
* When you complete specific Ninja quests or upgrade sigils to certain levels, you are given a chance to buy sigils at discounts.
* More events related to sigils will be available soon.
6. How can I upgrade sigils and collect the upgrading materials?
[Arcane Essence] is currently the only material that can be used to upgrade sigils.
* Some quests in the Bounty Hall offer Arcane Essences as reward.
* Arcane Essences will be added to the CP Mall soon.
* When you complete specific Ninja quests or upgrade sigils to certain levels, you are given a chance to buy Arcane Essence at discounts.
7. What is the Bounty Hall?
Bounty Hall is a new center where Lv.40+ heroes can take special quests. There are four levels of difficulty: Easy, Normal, Hard, and Expert. The quest in higher difficulty offers better rewards. Ninja can collect ninjutsu sigils, Arcane Essences, and other rewards by completing some bounty quests here. For more information about the Bounty Hall, please refer to here.
8. How many Arcane Essences does it take to upgrade Ninjutsu Sigils?
Sigils level
Arcane Essences
9. How many Ninjutsu Sigils can I wear at the same time?
Eight. In the Eight Gates.
10. What is Sage Mode and how to activate?
When all the Eight Gates open and all the Ninjutsu Sigils embedded reach Level 3, Ninjas can activate Sage Mode which provides considerable attribute bonuses. As the Ninjutsu Sigils embedded upgrade, the Sage Mode will also get enhanced accordingly.
11. What are the functions of Ninjutsu Aptitude?
Aptitude can be developed for five kinds of elemental jutsu: Fire Release, Water Release, Earth Release, Wind Release, and Lightning Release. The Ninja wining 1st place in any of the ninjutsu rankings will receive an exclusive special headwear and also Dash bonus. (Dash attribute gives a chance to increase all the non-critical damage by 25%, excluding fixed damage.)
12. What is Basic Elemental Ninjutsu?
The Ninjutsu of different elemental nature has different focuses. There are five kinds of elemental Ninjutsu: Fire Release, Water Release, Earth Release, Wind Release, and Lightning Release.
13. Which is the strongest Release?
Every release is very strong. Heroes can strengthen the release they need most according to their actual needs.
14. What are the changes made to Ninja’s original skills?
 [Bloody Twist] (Formerly named [Bloody Scythe])
* Changed the skill name and corresponding light effect;
* [Bloody Twist] is now acquired automatically at level 3 and is also available to Katana;
* Increased [Bloody Twist]’s damage on human target to 118%;
* Increased [Bloody Twist]’s damage on monster target to 400%;
* Changed [Bloody Twist]’s attack range to 5 paces.
[Fatal Strike]
* [Fatal Strike] will also increase the caster’s speed when activated.
[Toxic Fog]
* Poisons the enemy immediately after [Toxic Fog] is cast. The poison damage will not decrease due to immunity rate.
* Changed the initial hit rate of [Toxic Fog] to 100%.
15. Where can I get more information about the Ninja Sprint expansion?
Inspired Ninjas:
Ninja Sprint:
Ninjutsu Skills:
Bounty Hall:
More answers are being updated ... please stay tuned!
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