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Dream Manager

Duration: May 17th to June 7th

Requirement: Level 80

President Yiu
COBA Store
COBA Scout
Manager Assistant

COBA Basketball Uniform, Title of 'Slam Dunk Leader', etc.


1. Visit President Yiu to learn the details.


2.With the help of President Yiu, you build a team and obtain a Team Roster. President Yiu also gives you 500 COBA gold as your initial fund. Go draft premium players in the Transfer Market!

3.COBA Scout excels at activating players talent. Do you want to draft premium players? She can lead you to the Transfer Market.

4. In the Transfer Market (Exchange Store), you can use your COBA Gold to buy star card packs. Open the packs to get player cards.

5. If you want to buy more star cards, you need to have more COBA Gold. You can collect COBA Gold from COBA cheers, daily quests (using chi token), realm quests, demons and horse racing store.

Action Amount of Gold You Can Get
Use Chi Tokens 150
Finish Realm Quests 300
Hunting Monsters Up to 100 Gold a day
Bug Generous Gold Pack in Horse Racing Store 150 Gold Per Pack
Cheer for a Team 100

6. When you have enough super players, you can ask President Yiu to lead you to your Basketball Arena. Please make sure your starting lineup has 5 players, then you can select 5 substitute players. Be noted that starting players can bring their power into full play, but the substitute players can bring only 50% power into play.

7. When you have 5 starters, you can  increase the team power and claim nice rewards from Manager Assistant like Legendary Star Uniform Pack and Glory Star Card Pack.

Legendary Star Uniform Pack:  Open to receive a permanent basketball uniform (B) of a random legendary player.

8. The Manager Assistant can tell you how to increase team's power.

9. After getting 5 Crown of Fame from Manager Assistant, you can visit COBA Scout to swap them for a Star Autograph.

10. Use it to add a star autograph on a permanent basketball uniform and make this uniform a signed uniform. Signed uniforms have fabulous light effects.

Brief Walkthrough:



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