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Dragon Trainer Campaign

Duration: April 23rd to May 22nd
1.During the event, heroes can talk with Little Lucky Star to set off the Anniversary Gun of your language. Heroes can get Fortune Chest from the fireworks which contain Sacred Dragon Grasses. 
2.Talk with Heaven Dragon to get a Heaven Dragon(Infancy S1). Heroes can use Sacred Dragon Grass and Sacred Dragon Fruit to feed it with growth points.
Sacred Dragon Grass Feed it to the dragon to increase 100 Growth Points.
Sacred Dragon Fruit Feed it to the dragon to increase 1000 Growth Points
3.According to the rank of growth points, heroes can get relevant reward. Heroes can get rewards from Local Dragon Ranking and Global Dragon Ranking. Only the Top 10 heroes can get rank reward.
Rank Local Dragon Ranking Reward Global Dragon Ranking Reward
1 Random Rare Yellow Rune Pack(B) Rare Yellow Rune Pack(B), P11 Anima, 30000 Chi Points
2-3 +6 Stone(B)*2 Rare Yellow Rune Pack(B), P9 Anima, 20000 Chi Points
4-6 +6 Stone(B) P9 Anima, 15000 Chi Points
7-10 +5 Stone(B) P8 Anima, 10000 Chi Points
4.Heroes can get Boss Challenge Token by doing daily quests and killing monsters. Heroes can use the token to enter dens of bosses and challenge them.
5.Heroes also can purchase items from Baby Fox.
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