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Cross-Server Elite PK Tournament

Duration: December 20th – January 3rd
Match time: January 3rd
Players from US servers and EU servers will fight at the same time:
12:00 US server time
20:00 EU server time
Note: Server NewChallenge_EU, NewWorld,  Tenshi_EU, LasVegas cannot participate in the event.
CS Elite PK Manager in Twin City (352,448)
Requirement: Level 100 and CS Elite PK Ticket.
There are 3 ways to join the CS Elite PK.
1. Join Elite PK Tournament on your own server from December 20th to January 3rd, and top 8 players will get this token.
   Note: Winners in Level 100- Group will not get the ticket.
2. Sign up at NPC CS Elite PK Manager with 99 CPs.
3. You will have chance to get the ticket by using Chi Token.
And the process of CS Elite PK Tournament is basically the same as normal Elite PK Tournament, the top 8 contestants in the Knockout stage will enter the Finals.
Contestants will be fighting in 3 level divisions. The higher division, the better prize. And the prize will be sent by mail system.
Level 130+
Top 1
10000 Chi Points, Astral Phoenix Fragment*5, 30-day -1% Astral Phonix, Splendid Star Stone*1, 30-day 1st place Title
Top 2
8000 Chi Points, Astral Phoenix Fragment*3, 15-day -1% Astral Phonix, Radiant Star Stone*5, 30-day 2nd place Title
Top 3
6000 Chi Points, Astral Phoenix Fragment*2, 15-day -1% Astral Phonix, Radiant Star Stone*3, 30-day 3rd place Title
Top 4-8
3000 Chi Points, Astral Phoenix Fragment*1, 7-day -1% Astral Phonix, Radiant Star Stone*2, 30-day Top 4-8 Title
Level 120-129
Top 1
10000 Chi Points, Radiant Star Stone*5
Top 2
8000 Chi Points, Radiant Star Stone*3
Top 3
6000 Chi Points, Radiant Star Stone*2
Top 4-8
3000 Chi Points, Radiant Star Stone*1
Level 100-119
Top 1
10000 Chi Points and Radiant Star Stone*5
Level 100-119
Top 2
8000 Chi Points, Radiant Star Stone*3
Level 100-119
Top 3
6000 Chi Points, Radiant Star Stone*2
Level 100-119
Top 4-8
3000 Chi Points, Radiant Star Stone*1
1000 Chi Points and 3 Bright Star Stones
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