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Break Magic Pots

May. 21st - June. 9th

Non-reborn level 80 or above

1. Magic Pot (Twin City 319,439)
Teleports you to Dragon King Temple.

2. Charging Area (Dragon King Temple 66,66)
Helps you start breaking pots, refresh the pots, learn about the rules and rewards.

3. Breaking Pot Ranking (Dragon King Temple 76,63)
Shows the ranking of breaking pots

4. Target Board (Dragon King Temple 73,71)
Shows the target board.

Potency Points, Star Stones, CPs(B), Stones, Chi Points, Dragon Souls, JiangHu Training Pills, etc.




Dash Energy

Collect by using Chi Token or killing monsters

Pot Refresh Card The card that you may collect by using Chi Token or killing monsters can be used in the Dragon King Temple to refresh the 9 Magic Pots. Expires on Dec. 27th.


1. Magic Pots
Dragon King Roger has kept many treasure in his Dragon King Temple. All heroes hurry to hunt for the treasure. The entrance to the temple located at Twin City (319,436).

Break Pots
There are 9 pots in the temple. You can obtain the treasure by clicking a pot to break it, and you have a chance to receive bless from Dragon King and break 9 pots at a time.

Your first-time to break pots every day costs no energy, and you may randomly break 3-9 pots. Go and try your luck!

It requires Dash Energy to break pots for non-first time. The more pots you break, the more Dahs Energy it requires.

Once you enable "Auto Charge Dash Energy" by clicking the Arrow Icon and "Start breaking pots-Auto Charge Dash Energy", you can click a pot to auto-break it without interruption. As this will cost your Dash Energy with no hints, you had better think it carefully.

Collect Dash Energy
You can collect Dash Energy by using Chi Tokens or killing monsters.

Refresh the Pots
You can click "Lucky Break" to check the rewards. If you are not satisfied, you can refresh 9 pots by using a Pot Refresh Card or 30 CPs. You have a chance to receive the cards by using Chi Token or killing monsters.

Target Board
When you complete a target on the board, you will receive corresponding rewards from your in-game mailbox.

Ranking Rewards
The final ranking will come out at 23:59 on June. 9th and the rank prizes will be sent to you via in-game mailbox. Top 10 heroes can get Ginseng Fruit as reward.

Rank Reward
1 Ginseng Fruit*50
2 Ginseng Fruit*40
3 Ginseng Fruit*30
4 Ginseng Fruit*20
5 Ginseng Fruit*20
6 Ginseng Fruit*20
7 Ginseng Fruit*10
8 Ginseng Fruit*10
9 Ginseng Fruit*10
10 Ginseng Fruit*5
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