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Bound CP Day

October 22nd  to November 22nd
All servers except for Inspiration server.
During the event , heroes can talk with George (Twin City 312,393) to purchase fortune wheel or talk with Broken(314,393) to purchase Demon Box with CP(B). There are 3 kind of wheel and 4 kind of Demon Box which heroes can choose.
Demon Box
Senior Demon Box
Open to get 1 random gift of 500 CP(B)/ 300 CP(B)/ 250 CP(B)/  200 CP(B) etc
Ancient Demon Box
Open to get 1 random gift of 1000 CP(B)/ 800 CP(B)/ 700 CP(B)/  600 CP(B) etc
Primitive Demon Box
Open to get 1 random gift of 2000 CP(B)/ 1500 CP(B)/ 1200 CP(B)/ 1000 CP(B) etc
Universal Demon Box
Open to get 1 random gift of 8000 CP(B)/ 5000 CP(B)/ 3500 CP(B)/ 3200 CP(B) etc
Fortune Wheel
Chi Point Fortune Wheel
Pay 99 CP(B) each time to spin the wheel and get a random gift from
500000 Chi Points/180000 Chi Points/90000 Chi Points/30000 Chi Points/10000 Chi Points and so on.
CP(B) Fortune Wheel
Pay 99 CP(B) each time to spin the wheel and get a random gift from
50000 CP(B)/10000CPs(B)/4500CPs(B)/1500CPs(B)and so on.
+Stone Fortune Wheel
Pay 99 CP(B) each time to spin the wheel and get a random gift from
2 +8 Stones (B)/1 +8 Stone (B)/1 +7 Stone (B)/1 +6 Stone (B) and so on.
During the event, heroes can talk with Lena(319,393) to consume 99 CP(B) to get Fortune Ticket with for the Fortune Draw. It means you will have a chance to win good reward like +8 Stone(B), Big Permanent Stone(B), Super Rune Crystal(B) and so on.
According to the CP(B) which heroes consuming, heroes can get rank reward.
1st Place Consumption Pack
Open to get 300 CP(B), 3 Dragon Fruits and 3 Bright Star Stone.
2nd Place Consumption Pack
Open to get 200 CP(B), 2 Dragon Fruits and 2 Bright Star Stone.
3rd Place Consumption Pack
Open to get 100 CP(B), 1 Dragon Fruits and 1 Bright Star Stone.
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