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Blood Mine

Duration: February 14th to March 6th
NPC: Blood Mine at Twin City (344,327)
Requirment: Level 80
Blood Mine Entry
Find the Blood Mine at Twin City (344,327) to transport to Blood Mine from 00:00 to 21:00 every day from Feb. 14th to Mar. 6th. The champion of Guild War last Sunday will become the occupying guild of the Blood Mine this week. The members of this guild can be transported to blood mine without payment. Members of other guilds need to pay 50,000 silver to be transported.
Note: Player can PK in Blood Mine, please be careful, and you can find LeQing at Blood Mine (167,247) and donate Dragon Balls to reduce your PK points.
Ore Collecting and Reward Exchange
Heroes can collect ore by mining or killing devils and submit them to Minecart or the Gold Miner to grab 25,000 Blood Badges (for all players in a server) every day.
Heroes can get Gold Ore and Diligence Book by killing Boss which will spawn once an hour. Once heroes are killed in Blood Mine, there are possibilities to drop some items.
Once you have raw ores, you can find Infernal Furnace at Blood Mine (243,233) to smelt raw ore. Every 10 raw ore can be smelted into a Copper Ore of random quality.
Ore can be exchanged for Blood Badges at NPC Copper Minecarts, Silver Minecarts and Gold miner in Blood Mine, if there is no Blood Badges left when you submit ores, you’ll get mining Points instead. Check out the details below:
Amount of Ore
Amount of Blood Badge
1 Normal Copper Ore
3 Blood Badges
1 Refined Copper Ore
4 Blood Badges
1 Unique Copper Ore
5 Blood Badges
1 Elite Copper Ore
8 Blood Badges
1 Super Copper Ore
10 Blood Badges
1 Normal Silver Ore
15 Blood Badges
1 Refined Silver Ore
20 Blood Badges
1 Unique Silver Ore
30 Blood Badges
1 Elite Silver Ore
50 Blood Badges
1 Super Silver Ore
80 Blood Badges
1 Normal Gold Ore
100 Blood Badges
1 Refined Gold Ore
150 Blood Badges
1 Unique Gold Ore
200 Blood Badges
1 Elite Gold Ore
300 Blood Badges
1 Super Gold Ore
500 Blood Badges
You can exchange Blood Badges for various rewards at Secret Blacksmith in Blood Mine (145,263). Check out the details below.
Mine Points
Note: The NPC Traveling Merchant will only show himself after 22:00
Different ores are worth different amount of Mining Points, the Mining Points represent your contribution. Traveling Merchant at Twin City (351,320) will share a profit of 5000 Blood Badges at 22:00 every day. Your sharing ratio is your Mining Points to that of all heroes of the server. Don't forget to claim your share before 23:59 every day. 
Blood Championship 
Talk to Mr. Coar at Twin City (340,323) to learn the details about the Blood Championship. Every Monday and Thursday, you can compete in the Blood Championship to earn Chi Coins by killing monsters or defeating other heroes. The Chi Coins you earned will expire in 3 days each time. You can exchange them for Chi Poins at Mr. Coar. 
Exchange Rate: 10 Chi Coins = 1 Chi Point. You can get up to 5,000 Chi Points. 
Mine Lottery
You may also collect Mine Lotto Tickets in the mine to play Mine Lottery with Mine Joy, winning up to 10,000 Blood Badges. The more tickets you submit, the bigger chance to win. Talk to MinerJoy to submit your Lotto Tickets, the result will come out at 21:00 every day, there will be 3 winners randomly picked, the prizes are 6000, 2500, and 15000 Blood Badges respectively, and the rewards will be sent to you via mail system. 
There are 6 ways to get Mine Lotto Tickets:
Secret Chest
Heroes who eliminate 100 monsters in the Blood Mine can unlock Secret Chest which heroes can choose 500 Chi Points, 1 Bright Star Stone or 2 +2 Stone(B) as a reward. You can unlock the chest once a day. Once this chest is opened 20 times in an hour, there will be an extra Minecart rewarded when refreshing Minecart next hour.
Great Hero Stele
There is a Great Hero Stele at Blood Mine (160,243) which will record the Blood which heroes get in this map. Defeating other heroes will plunder 30% of his/her blood, a minimum of 5 Blood. Top 10 heroes who collect the most Blood will get listed on the Stele. The prizes for ranking on the Great Hero Stele will be sent via mail at 00:00 every day.
3000 Chi Points
2000 Chi Points
1000 Chi Points
800 Chi Points
700 Chi Points
600 Chi Points
500 Chi Points
300 Chi Points
300 Chi Points
300 Chi Points
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