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Anima Exchange Shop

Duration: March12th to June 12th
Note: Only you yourself can see your personal information, other players can not see anything, you may rest assured. The reward value is determined according to the exchange rate.
To exchange Anima for real item reward, you need to submit the Animas at NPC Ziegfield at Twin City (355,419) first. You can submit P 12 to P 19 Animas.  
Then the Animas you submitted will be shown on the event page when you login. You can exchange these Animas for real items the page. Check out the rewards below.
Real Item Reward
Value (USD)
Value (EGP)
Level 12 Anima
Cougar Immersa Pro Gaming Headset
Determined according to the exchange rate between USD and EGP on the day you make the Exchange.
Level 13 Anima
Xiaomi Mi A2 Lite
Level 14 Anima
PS4 Slim
Level 15 Anima
iPhone 8 Plus 64G
Level 16 Anima
iPhone Xs Max  256GB
Level 17 Anima
Apple MacBook  Pro
Level 18 Anima
Europe Travel Fund
Level 19 Anima
Chevrolet Optra 2019
You can also exchange your Anima for USD or EGP directly, which is the same value of the corresponding real item. You can fill in your money transfer information and submit it, we will arrange the money transfer.
Choose the way you want to receive money and fill in the required information, please make sure all the information are correct. And then you can submit the order.
Note: For countries except Egypt, only Paypal is available for transferring money. And player in Egypt can choose from 4 ways to transfer money.
The information you submit will be saved in our system and our staff will handle the orders. If all information is correct, we will transfer the money to your account in 3 work days.

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